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Pre-school and early school years.
Books with a “magic” audio pen, for pre-schoolers and children in their first years of school, to encourage them to love reading and to acquire basic understandings that are critical to success in learning to read.
Shop miniRainbows Series

Rainbow Reading Series

Leveled books for the 5 – 12 year reading level.
Silver Level – (5 to 5.5 Years Reading Level)
White Level – (5.5 to 6 Years Reading Level)
Red Level – (6 to 7 Years Reading Level)
Orange Level – (7 to 8 Years Reading Level)
Yellow Level – (8 to 9 Years Reading Level)
Green Level – (9 to 10 Years Reading Level)
Blue Level – (10 to 11 Years Reading Level)
Violet Level – (11 to 12 Years Reading Level)

ToXic & Totally ToXic

7 – 11 year reading level with interest level well beyond.
Specifically aimed at the interests of young males (but which we know many females will also enjoy).
ToXic Series & Totally ToXic Series


For 14 years plus, reading at 5.5 – 9 year reading level.
White Selections – (5.5 to 6 Years Reading Level)
Red Selections – (6 to 7 Years Reading Level)
Orange Selections – (7 to 8 Years Reading Level)
Yellow Selections – (8 to 9 Years Reading Level)

Choose A Path

Levelled (x5) for the developing reader, with high interest for older readers.
32 page books with multiple paths full of adventure and choices with audio support (“magic” reading pen) and activities.
See the Choose A Path series books and resources.

Speak Out Reader’s Theatre

Aimed at students in Years 3 – 6.
Play readings for all students in mixed-ability groups, in hard copy and digital format with audio support and activities.
See the Speak Out Reader’s Theatre (S.O.R.T.) scripts and resources.